What is Licence to Occupy?

Licence to Occupy offers the resident an Occupational Licence which entitles the residents to occupy a residential unit together with the right to use in common with others, the land, buildings and facilities intended for common use in the Village. 

Will I qualify as a Resident?

You will be required to meet the guidelines set out by Carmel Management before becoming a resident of the Village.
These guidelines are:

  • That you must be over 55 years of age.
  • In good health at the time of purchase.
  • The Management will have an option to repurchase your unit in the event that you wish to resell it, or in the exceptional circumstances such as the mental incapacity of a resident, or a resident becoming disruptive to other occupants of the village.
  • The Management of Carmel Country Estate holds the responsibility of the village and its residents and its prime objective is to keep peace and harmony within the village. Acceptance of a person as a resident of the village will be at the sole discretion of Management.

What does it cost for me to be a Resident in the Village?

Your costs are broken down into the following categories:

  1. The purchase price of your unit
  2. A weekly management fee of $195.26 which is set by the Management and payable four weekly in advance by automatic bank payment of $781.04
  3. Maintenance of the interior of the unit.
  4. A deferred management fee/amenities contribution payable on the resale or transfer.

What is the Facilities Payment?

This is a fee which accrues during the period of ownership but only becomes payable when a unit changes ownership or occupation. It is common practice in the retirement village industry to charge such a fee. The deferred management fee finances the ongoing development of the village not covered by the weekly management fee.

Under Licence to Occupy the facilities payment is calculated against the purchase price of the home to a maximum of 30% over 36 months.

What does my Weekly Management Fee cover?

  • Staff on site 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday
  • Security company patrols
  • Maintenance of grounds, gardens and lawns
  • External maintenance of the complexes’ fences, walls, etc
  • Removal of rubbish on a weekly basis
  • Public lighting of streets
  • Operating and maintenance of common facilities of community centre
  • 24-hour response via St John
  • Maintenance of courtesy transport
  • Insurance on units
  • Maintenance to exterior of unit
  • Rates

From time to time the Weekly Management Fee will need to be reviewed and Management reserves the right to adjust these costs.

Do I have any other costs?

The only additional cost that you will have are the general running expenses for your unit – e.g.; power, telephone, household insurance and interior decorating. Any major decoration should always be carried out in consultation with Management.

Who looks after the Residents’ interest?

The Covenant Trustee Services Limited (referred to as the “Statutory Supervisor”) has been appointed under a Deed of Supervision as Statutory Supervisor for the Residents. This appointment is made under the Retirement Villages Act 2003 and the Deed of Supervision provides for the Statutory Supervisor to act in the interests of the Residents.

What shopping and other facilities are there nearby?

Carmel Country Estate is situated on Hollister Lane, off Poike Road, which is adjacent to Highway 29 being the main highway from the Waikato over the Kaimai Ranges to Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Te Puke and Rotorua. Greerton, a busy shopping suburb of Tauranga, is only four minutes away, catering for all your shopping needs and community facilities such as bowling greens, tennis courts, golf clubs and churches of several denominations. Bayfair & The Lakes at Tauriko Shopping Centres are only ten minutes away where you can shop with ease and enjoy a selection of cafés in their Food court, all under one roof. A shopping bus passes along Poike Road twice daily and our village courtesy van makes weekly shopping trips to the various local shopping centres. Bay Hopper bus service stops outside our front entrance ten times daily. Free for Gold Card holders between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.

How involved do I need to be?

The choice is entirely yours. Some residents like to be totally involved while others prefer to live quietly. Carmel Country Estate will be a community of similar aged residents with varying interests and different circumstances. Your unit has been uniquely designed for easy care and personal privacy so you decide just how much you want to be involved in the life of the village.

Will my friends and family be able to visit me?

The unit you have chosen at Carmel Country Estate is your home and family and friends are encouraged to visit you as often as they wish. You can entertain them in your unit or in the community centre, where your guests are welcome to use the facilities as long as you are present with them.

Will I be able to have a garden?

Yes, if you so desire. Every unit has its own garden for your pleasure and enjoyment. However, if preferred all gardens will be maintained by Management. There are also vegetable plot allotments available for those keen to grow their own produce.

Can I have a pet?

We like to consider all residents wishes and as pets play an important role in people’s lives, existing pets such as cats, canaries and fish bowls are acceptable. Unfortunately, we do not accept dogs.

What happens when I go on holiday?

Whether you go overseas for a few months, or just a short holiday in New Zealand, Management will care for your home and grounds.

What security will be provided?

Security and independence are very important issues at Carmel Country Estate. We will endeavour to provide you with good outside lighting to your unit. 24-hour care is provided by St John and a bracelet or necklace are used to alert the service if required. Ambulance call outs are also included. Should you require assistance an employee of the Management will be able to assist you personally or call for medical assistance if required.

Carmel Country Estate is a “gated’ community for your added security. The gates are locked each night, but residents have easy access either by a remote-control unit, or by manually entering the code at the gate. If you have visitors leaving after 10pm the gates open automatically for exiting vehicles Also, an independent security firm is employed to run patrols through the complex at random times during the night

Can I have my own Doctor?

Yes, you can arrange with your personal or family doctor to attend to your needs. Our resident nurse holds a clinic once a week should you need her assistance.

What if I decide to sell my unit?

You are free to sell your unit at any time providing the purchaser is over 55 years of age, and approved by the Management company, and the buyer is willing to enter into the management agreement.

How do I apply for a residence at Carmel Country Estate?

After you have visited the complex, met with Management and had your questions answered to your satisfaction and wish to proceed, you will need to complete an Application Form which will be provided by the sales office and pay a $500.00 refundable administration fee made payable to Covenant Trustee Services Limited which enables us to proceed and draw up the necessary documents required on the unit of your choice. Any conditions that need to be included in the agreement such as the sale of your existing property will be incorporated into the Application Form at this time. You will then be issued with the Occupation Right Agreement, Disclosure Statement for the purposes of the Retirement Villages Act 2003, Retirement Villages Code of Practice, and The Code of Resident’s Rights.

Once you and your lawyer are satisfied and you wish to proceed, a further deposit of $1,000.00 will be payable to the Covenant Trustee Services Limited Trust Account. This payment represents a deposit on 10% of the agreed Occupation Licence, the balance of this 10% deposit is payable upon the conditions of your Application Form being met. The balance of the Occupation Licence is due on the commencement date of the issue of the Occupation Licence.

Should the application not proceed this deposit will be refunded to the applicant within 21 days of cancellation, which should be made in writing to the management of Carmel Country Estate.

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