Since moving to Carmel Country Estate Retirement Village I have made lots of friends and there is plenty to do at the centre, if you wish. The staff are friendly and helpful and there is plenty of support if or when you need it. The lifestyle here is very homely and I feel very safe. It is just a great place to live.

I have lived here for ten years now and I am very happy to have made the move when I did. The Villas are so well set out and private, light, airy and sunny. The staff are so helpful and willing and happy, there is such a sense of happiness here.. The Gardeners go above and beyond…it is great.

We moved from Takapuna on Auckland’s North Shore to Tauranga, as we used to motorhome frequently in the area and really enjoyed the environment. As we were in our seventies, we decided that this would be our last move and that a Retirement Village lifestyle would be more than suitable – we concluded that too many people leave this decision too late in their lives.

We visited all the Villages in Tauranga, but our thoughts kept coming back to Carmel Country Estate as the standout points to us were:

  • Location and access to highways, close to main shopping areas etc.
  • Layout - Villas are well spaced and landscaped with gardens and lawns
  • Private family ownership – Jason’s “open-door” policy was well documented
  • Well equipped Community Centre with numerous indoor and outdoor activities

After inspecting various Villages, the decision to live at Carmel Country Estate was easily made. Management emailed us a plan of the Villa we had chosen and we filled in each room with our furniture placement and when we arrived to take possession, everything was in place. We have now been here for five and a half years with absolutely no regrets as the positives by far, outweigh any negatives. Our children are incredibly happy with our decision and enjoy visiting.

I live in a caring, supportive, friendly community here at Carmel Country Estate Retirement Village. Joining in a number of activities and being involved in the Residents’ Committee keeps me well occupied and the weeks fly by. Like others in the Village, I get a lot of pleasure from our beautifully kept gardens. The staff are helpful and obliging whether driving our transport for a morning’s shopping or assisting with some task around our units. I feel safe and I feel useful and very lucky to live here at Carmel.

Carmel Country Estate was the Retirement Village of choice when we commenced searching for a pleasant village to retire into. We were attracted by the general ambience, attractive gardens and upkeep of Carmel and the layout of the villas within the complex. Once we had settled we quickly appreciated the support of the staff, the friendliness of the residents and the varied amenities available to us. Every effort is made to develop a community spirit through the wide range of activities and social events that are part of village life.

We knew immediately that Carmel Country Estate was for us. Roomy Villa with tons of storage, walk-in Garage, decent sized rooms and surrounding garden and lawn space. One did not feel crowded at all. Plus Tauranga was handy for family and friends. The support from management and staff was and is, available and most helpful. You have the choice of how much you wish to be involved in Village Activities. One should never feel alone as the Residents share and support one another in an empathetic way. My family who are near and far enjoy visiting and know I am safe and happy.

We decided to move into a Retirement/Lifestyle Village as a way of future proofing ourselves for a relaxed, retirement in a safe and secure environment. At the family owned Carmel Country Estate Village we are privileged to live independently and comfortably in a beautifully refurbished, private, roomy, warm and sunny Villa surrounded by fellow retirees. The atmosphere in the Village is friendly, with plenty of space to garden and host family and friends, who are always pleasantly surprised with the spaciousness. The Village is centrally located with the benefit of everything you need at the doorstep. The Staff are approachable and always willing to help if required. The gardens and facilities are immaculately maintained, there are more than enough activities to keep you entertained. Best of all our children and grandchildren love to come and stay and are always made to feel welcome at the Village.

We truly enjoy living here at Carmel. What attracted us were the bright and spaciously positioned Villas, the beautiful gardens with the tropical palm trees and pristine presentation of the Village. The professional staff are very kind and utmost helpful, which made the move to our lovely apartment a breeze. We are so happy we made Carmel Country Estate our new home and recommend it highly to people who would like to live in a safe, beautiful, happy Retirement Village. Thank you to Jason and Sharlene and their wonderful staff. From two very happy residents!

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