Frequently Asked Questions

What is Licence to Occupy?

Licence to Occupy offers the resident an Occupational Licence which entitles the residents to occupy a residential unit together with the right to use in common with others, the land, buildings and facilities intended for common use in the Village.


Will I qualify as a Resident?
You will be required to meet the guidelines set out by Carmel Management before becoming a resident of the Village. These guidelines are:

 - That you must be over 55 years of age.
 - In good health at the time of purchase.

The Management will have an option to repurchase your unit in the event that you wish to resell it, or in the exceptional circumstances such as the mental incapacity of a resident, or a resident becoming disruptive to the other occupants of the Village.

The Management of Carmel Country Estate hold the responsibility of the Village and its residents and its prime objective is to keep peace and harmony within the Village. Acceptance of a person as a resident of the Village will be at the sole discretion of the Management.

What does it cost for me to be a Resident in the Village?
Your costs are broken down into the following categories:

  1. The purchase price of your unit
  2. A weekly management fee, which is set by the Management and payable four weekly in advance by automatic bank payment, is $168.52 NZD under Licence to Occupy, as the rates are included.
  3. Maintenance of the interior of the unit.
  4. A deferred management fee/amenities contribution payable on the resale or transfer.


What is the Deferred Management Fee or Amenities Contribution

This is a fee which accrues during the period of ownership but only becomes payable when a unit changes ownership or occupation. It is common practice in the retirement village industry to charge such a fee. The deferred management fee finances the ongoing development of the village and maintenance costs not covered by the weekly management fee.


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